Account Dept

Accounting Department – Finance Management

     Beyond its fun side a yacht always carries a lot of financial obligations. However, in case you do not want to occupy yourself with all the financial matters of your vessel, Yachting Alliance has the solution!

     Our aim is to achieve a fair budgeting which covers all of your yacht’s demands but that is not a drain on your pocket. For that reason, our accounting department consists of a great number of capable and remarkable accountants and finance managers who keep track of the financial needs of your vessel and produce special programs to reduce expenditure. 

     Yachting Alliance’s philosophy is to keep every aspect of your yacht organized so that your vessel is prepared to sail at any time. Our financial advisors, cooperating closely with the captain and the crew, monitor and resolve all of your vessel’s financial issues on time with transparency and accuracy, without involving you at any point but at the same time keeping you constantly informed through monthly detailed reports.

More specifically, Yachting Alliance’s finance services include all the following:
 Planning and implementing the annual operational budget
 Organizing the acquisition of funds
 Arranging the accounts for audit and give the owner a monthly audit report
 Organizing the acquisition of funds
 Supervising and settling up expenses on time
 Supervising and settling up all extra required service
 Supervising Sales
 Checking invoices and receipts
 Manage wire transfers or cheques for settling the invoices
 Continuous consultation with the captains for the proper management of the budget on board
 Payment of crew salaries

For further information, please contact one of Yachting Alliance’s yacht managers.