New Yacht Construction

Building a new yacht is both a joyful and exciting experience but also a very demanding procedure which must be continuously supervised in order to ensure that everything will work perfectly for the future owners. In such a procedure, it is important to have trusted people, with in depth knowledge in the yacht industry and yacht building, who will guide you at every step of the process and who will advise you in the best way and always in accordance to your needs and desires.

Yachting Alliance’s expert brokers have the experience and qualifications to manage and inspect thoroughly every stage of the building process, and intervene when necessary to ensure that the requirements and expectations of our clients are fully met. So, in case you are interested in a new yacht construction, by choosing Yachting Alliance you can feel worry-free and assured that you will get the yacht that you have yearned for.
Materializing a dream is not an easy thing to do. However, all these years Yachting Alliance’s brokers have created the right connections with the best in the field of ship designing and shipbuilding so that your dreams come true. Our yacht brokers, after a series of meetings and discussions with you where they try to identify your exact yachting needs and preferences – namely, the type of the yacht that best suits you, its size, materials and performance as well as facilities and equipment - are responsible to introduce you to the appropriate designers and builders who will turn your vision into reality.

But their job is not done yet. Yachting Alliance’s brokers, from the beginning of the process are involved in a variety of issues such as financial and payment negotiations along with the legal issues of your future yacht and contract negotiations between you, the shipyard and team. They are also responsible to supervise the progress of your new yacht construction, resolving any problem that might come up and make sure that costs and contracts including delivery time are controlled as had initially been agreed. Last but not least, Yachting Alliance’s yacht brokers are present in all see trials and performance tests to recommend any changes or resolutions when necessary.
In Yachting Alliance we take into consideration every aspect of the build procedure, from conception to delivery, so that we secure that your new yacht construction experience will leave only a smooth and pleasant memory.