How to charter

As soon as you have decided to charter a yacht and live the adventure of a lifetime, there is only one thing you should do: Contact Yachting Alliance’s highly experienced, committed and professional charter broker to make the inquiry!

However, before that it is suggested that you have considered yourself some of the features your dream vessel should possess according to your needs and tastes.

Narrowing down your needs

The first thing you should contemplate is the type of the yacht that best suits your needs – meaning whether you need a classy and full of comfort motor yacht or a fascinating and challenging sailing yacht.
At the time you come to decide the type of the vessel, you should think about the yacht’s capacity, always in accordance with the size of your charter party.

Another fact you should bear in mind is that some of our striking yachts can be chartered only in specific areas. And here is where the interesting and fun part begins! We propose you to imagine your dream itinerary and browse our extensive collection of luxury yachts to single out the ones that best fulfill your desires and budget.

Once these steps are done, it’s time for your personal Yachting Alliance charter broker to take over!