Yacht Technical Services

Technical Service

A goal without a plan is just a wish Larry Elder

Yachting Alliance’s personnel have always been inspired by Elder’s statement. Our goal is to offer to our clients the opportunity to enjoy every single aspect of their yacht in all respects and at any time. To accomplish that, we have planned a series of maintenance services which always prove your vessel seaworthy. Taking severely into account the difficulties of the era we live in, Yachting Alliance’s managers have created extra remarkable packages tailored to our your needs to make sure that your personal property is properly preserved at the lowest cost.

Moreover, Yachting Alliance technical department cooperates with the most skillful engineers and technical consultants specializing in shipbuilding. Therefore, we are prepared to appoint the best in the business to deal with and repair any unexpected technical problem or damage.

Below you can find a detailed presentation of our technical services:

Technical Services (fixed cost packages according to the length of the yacht)

  • External cleaning (once a week)
  • External cleaning before the trip (during the summer months)
  • Internal cleaning (once a month)
  • Operational control of machinery and equipment (once a week)
  • Leak testing
  • Power check
  • Battery charging test
  • Control of the waste tanks
  • Checks to the moorings
  • Any movement within the marina
  • Checks to the documents of the yacht
Extra costs
  • Oil change
  • Service in the outboard machinery (oils, filters, anodes)
  • Propellers cleaning
  • Hull cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning water maker
  • Periodic Inspections to check the effectiveness of the vessel
  • Consultation
  • Trouble shooting – repairs
  • Transfer the vessel to the nearest port or shipyard in case of damage
  • Relocation of the vessel from or to the shipyard
  • All the electrical and electronic work including damages
  • Responsible for supplying the vessels
  • Crewing
  • Transfer the vessel to or from any destination, within and outside Greece
  • Laundry Services
  • Every kind of shipyard tasks
  • Repair and maintenance of the pumps, motors, anchor winches and all of vessels’ machinery and equipment