Yacht Sales Tips

In case you decide to buy or sell a yacht, there are some things that will help you either promote and sell your vessel or possess the one that preferably suits you. Yachting Alliance’s broker experts, after years of experience, have created a list with some of the most important things that either a seller or a purchaser should notice each one to succeed his own purpose.

Tips for Buying a Good Second-Hand Yacht

• Check the builders of the yacht and whether they are still in business so in case you need any replacement parts, you will be able to obtain them.
• Ask why the vessel of your interest is on sale. It will give you a first insight into the state of the yacht.
• Check the maintenance records in order to be assured that your potential future yacht has been properly preserved and therefore, you will not experience any unpleasant surprises.
• You should always check if the yacht you are interested to buy has all the equipment you want and whether it suits your performance needs.
• Inspect the vessel externally and internally (especially for waterlines), require a sea trial to check its performance and make sure that all onboard systems work properly.
• Examine the yacht’s certifications.
However, it is highly recommended to go through all this procedure accompanied by an expert who will give you a detailed report on the yacht’s accurate condition.

Tips for Promoting and Selling your Yacht

• Empty the yacht from your personal belongings in order to show off the spaces of your vessel.
• We suggest that your vessel is absolutely clean. A spotless yacht makes always a good impression not only concerning the appearance but it also indicates that you have maintained it correctly at all levels.
• Check if everything works properly. If there is something that needs repair, it would be wise to fix it. However, in case you do not want to invest your money in refits, we suggest you to inform the buyer from the start in case there is something that needs repair. It is much better to learn it from you rather than discover it by himself and lose his trust in you.
• Present all of your yacht’s historical details as well as its assets.
• Make a good offer! The cost is always a major factor in sales. Compare your yacht with the ones that are already for sale on the market and price it among the lowest costs.