It is not that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better.Sir Francis Drake, Sea Captain

In Yachting Alliance we work hard to provide our clients with the opportunity to choose the yacht of their dreams from a wide variety of the most prestigious and luxurious yachts for charter in the market. Our aim is to transform your choice to invest your money and time in a yacht, to an experience that is worthy to be treasured for a lifetime. Below you can find an amazing collection of yachts for charter which can satisfy one’s innermost needs and desires.
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The ultimate luxury and comfort

Motor yachts are the perfect choice for seekers of luxury and comfort. Whatever the size, motor yachts have the capacity to accommodate a large number of people, offering at the same time the ultimate conveniences either for relaxation or entertainment.

VIEW SAILING YACHTS Sailing Yachts for charter by Yachting Alliance


An unconventional adventure

As the name implies, sailing yachts are ideal for traditional true sailors. It might not offer the level of luxury and comfort of a motor yacht but all you need is your beloved ones and the wind as companions to steer for a unique but still stylish adventure.

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Stability, Speed and Comfort

Are you fond of stability, speed and comfort? If that is what you seek then a catamaran is the best choice for you. With two separate living areas, catamarans are ideal for family groups while their large main lounge room is perfect for a yachting party.

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Sail with style!

A motor sailing yacht combines both the luxury and facilities of a motor yacht with the classic elegance of a sailing yacht. So, in case you belong to the undecided sailors who cannot choose between amenities and real adventure, a motor sailing yacht is definitely your answer.

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