Sell your Yacht

Selling your Yacht

the two happiest moments of a yacht owner’s life are the day he buys his yacht and the day he sells itUnkown Source

When it comes to sales, Yachting Alliance brokerage company should instantly come into your mind. Claiming the highest sales performance in the yacht business we secure our clients with immediate results.

Yachting Alliance’s database is daily updated with the most valuable purchasable yachts internationally. Furthermore, we possess a vast contact database including both clients and partners, with the latest to be greatly involved in the circulation of information concerning the yacht industry. In addition, our website is growing into a powerful marketing tool which, beyond any doubt, will be an extra asset to our mission. With such an apparatus, we ensure that your yacht will definitely be extensively promoted through a variety of high-powered marketing strategies and therefore it will have the best opportunities to be sold at the right price.

Once you are interested in selling your yacht, our sales brokers, in cooperation with some of the most qualified partners in the industry, are set to contact and present each potential buyer with every unique characteristic of your vessel. The moment our middlemen come up with a buyer, they are efficiently prepared to make the finest negotiations until both sides reach a financial agreement. Yachting Alliance’s major interest is to ensure that both the seller and the purchaser benefit equally from the affair and that both parts are truly satisfied. For that reason, our specialized managers supervise the whole selling process, assisting you with any potential issue, handling all the administrative documentations and contracts, and settling every financial matter.

After years of experience, by listing your yacht all we can guarantee is a smooth and transparent transaction.